Luna Sandals

A couple months ago, a friend e-mailed me a link to Luna Sandals, with the subject line: The next big thing.


It wasn’t until I finished reading Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Super Athletes, and the Greatest Race the World has Never Seen by Christopher McDougall, that I realized what I was actually looking at. The sandals above are called The Leadville, named after The Leadville Trail 100-Mile Run where sandals in similar construction were first run in the US (by the Tarahumara Indians from Mexico). Secondly, the name Luna comes from the Tarahumara Indian, named Manuel Luna, who taught Barefoot Ted how to make his own sandal to run in. Barefoot Ted is the co-founder of Luna Sandals and ran with the Tarahumara, Christopher McDougall, and others in the race that is depicted in Born to Run.

It was like a mini revelation all coming together in my head at once. The running world has such a close-nit community that not many people know about. I’m ready to keep spreading the word!

As for the sandals, I’m not sure I’ll be trying them for myself any time soon, but I love the idea. Perhaps someday it will be the next big thing.


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