[Proper Form II] Cycling

I have not been biking since the biking season ended last Fall so I knew getting back into it would be hard while training for my first tri. I decided to start on a stationary bike at the rec center and boy was it a noobtastic experience.

I placed my feet on the pedals and just went Go! The first mile was EXTREMELY tiring and my butt burned like it has never burned before. After that first mile, I began to think about how my form could improve. I immediately noticed that I was pushing the pedals with the arches of my feet instead of the balls of my feet. That’s a big no-no in cycling. I made the change and suddenly the next 4 miles were a breeze (aside from the butt burn — that can only be cured with more conditioning).

Other form tips:

  • Saddle height: your knees should be bent just slightly when the bottom pedal is in the 6 o’clock position.
  • Knees: Your knees should go in a up and down motion and not outwards.
Besides that, I still consider myself a beginner cyclist, so if you have any tips, please throw them my way!

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