Pip, the Chorkie?

With the warmer weather now upon us, I’ve finally had the opportunity to take Pip back to the dog park. As I’ve mentioned many times already, Shirlington Dog Park is my favorite place to visit with him.

Due to the especially nice day we had this past Wednesday, the park seemed like the place to be. I found myself spending most of my time around a group of other small dog owners. One of whom, immediately knew that Pip was a Yorkshire Terrier mix. After I confirmed this, I told her that I still did not know what his other half was. She suspected that his especially sturdy build could be suggestive of a Yorkie-Chihuahua mix. I found this completely surprising so Google, I did.

Behold: Bella, the Chorkie.


She so happens to be the spitting image of Pip, no?

A recent picture of Pip:


Mystery is pretty much solved, folks! Pip is a Chorkie.

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One response to “Pip, the Chorkie?

  1. Pip is nearly the spitting image of my little guy, Chuffey.

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