Do you remember that 25 things list on FB that I said I would never do? Yeah, well… I ended up caving. I’m bringing it up two years after the fact because I’m currently in house-deco mode and I was reminded of one of my 25 things:

4. I used to love baking. I collected recipes and cookbooks all through high school while Crate & Barrel and Williams-Sonoma were my favorite stores. I even got a KitchenAid stand mixer for Christmas one year… one of the best presents ever! Unfortunately, my passion faded when I started college because I didn’t have an oven my first year. I now fail at pie crusts. I am sorry my roommates never got to see this side of me

Although I do not intend to resurrect that passion, I have been looking at these types of stores a lot lately. Most notably: CB2 aka Crate & Barrel for young people. Although the first DC store is opening sometime next month, I’m about to purchase these oliver appetizer plates online for PV’s new home; they are just too darn cute to resist.

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