The Daily Mile

While geeking around the web reading, I saw that the writer, very fittingly, has an account with The Daily Mile. I decided to give the site a try and, so far, I love it. Social media for runners? Yes please. Similar to Gmaps Pedometer, you can map out your outdoor route and calculate how many miles you’ve run. I could very easily accomplish this using an iPhone app (eg. iMapMyRun, RunKeeper, Nike+), but having my iPhone strapped to my arm during a long run can get pretty annoying. I’d rather just plan out my route beforehand or put my great memory to use and figure it out afterward

In 2010, I logged my miles using a Google Docs spreadsheet. See below for the first half of my last year in running.

Although this was adequate for my purposes, I think it’s time I welcomed my active self to the 21st century. With The Daily Mile, I can view an aggregate of the miles I’ve run this past month, this past year, as well as lifetime miles. Other features available are: amount of time spent, calories burned, the farthest distance, the fastest pace, number of TV’s I’ve powered, and the number of donuts I’ve burned. If I also decide to use a heart rate monitor, I could log that too! You know I’m all about functionality. Also note that you can absolutely use this for hiking, cycling, swimming, and other fitness activities.

See a screen shot of The Daily Mile’s Training page here:

What say you? Join and be my friend!

post-script: In case you were curious, there is a free iPhone app for The Daily Mile: Electric Miles.


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