Toe Gloves

I went to REI yesterday and immediately noticed their minimalist shoe collection. They even had the new line of Merrell Pace Gloves on display at the very front of the shoe section staring at me… taunting me. I decided to inquire if they had any NB Minimus Trails in stock as well, and unfortunately they didn’t. So I then tried on both the Merrells and the Vibram Five Finger KomodoSports just for kicks. You know, a mini test drive.


The result? They felt amazing! The soles are thicker than my Bikilas so I think both would be suitable for trail running. They’re both incredibly comfortable and flexible as well. I had also been curious how the KomodoSports would differ from the Bikilas. At first feel, I could tell the material used is less breathable, but stretchier (like spandex). It’s a very interesting feel actually, but I think I would love running in them. Both are priced just below the hundred mark at $99.95.

So did this mini test drive help in my decision making? Not at all. In fact, I’m pretty sure it just made it harder.

Now to track down those Minimus Trails!

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