Post-Oscar Lull

Look at this pre-Oscars list (with their RT score):

  • Black Swan (88%)
  • The Fighter (90%)
  • Inception (86%)
  • The Kids Are All Right (94%)
  • The King’s Speech (95%)
  • 127 Hours (93%)
  • The Social Network (96%)
  • Toy Story 3 (99%)
  • True Grit (95%)
  • Winter’s Bone (94%)

Of the ones I watched, which were all but True Grit and Winter’s Bone, they are all deserving of their scores and accolades. This was all fine and dandy until the Oscars happened and creativity dies for a few months until Oscar season returns.

See evidence here via Rotten Tomatoes:

32% Battle: Los Angeles $36.0M
89% Rango $23.0M
12% Red Riding Hood $14.1M
71% The Adjustment Bureau $11.5M
40% Mars Needs Moms $6.8M
34% Hall Pass $5.1M
22% Beastly $5.1M
18% Just Go with It $4.0M

Red Riding HoodBeastly… Seriously? Over 77% of the movies I just listed are rotten. Case in point! What is a movie watcher supposed to do during this lull? I have two fandango tickets to use (via livingsocial), and there’s nothing to use them on.

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