Lucid Ending

Congrats to myself, this is my 200th post! And what better topic to discuss on this celebratory occasion than life regrets?

Key West Sunrise

Last night I was browsing through Reddit’s IAmA entries and sitting at the top of the list was this: 51 hours left to live. If that doesn’t catch your attention, then I don’t know what will. So if you are not familiar with Reddit in general, it is a social news website where users can post content found on the internet they find interesting or,  as is the case for the IAmA entries, users can post interesting things about themselves for the online community to comment on. “AmA” stands for “Ask me Anything” and this forum is used pretty much like an open interview. “51 hours left to live” was posted by redditor, Lucidending, and the description of his IAmA is as follows:

On Tuesday I’ll finally end my battle with cancer thanks to Oregon’s Death with dignity act. As part of my preparations I’ve ended my pain medication and am trying to regain what little dignity and clarity I can.

Who I was doesn’t matter. I’m in pain, I’m tired and I’m finally being granted a small shred of respect. Feel free to AMA if you’re so inclined.

The most touching answer from Lucidending I found was one responding to whether he had any regrets. See below:

Yes, one. I bought my high school sweetheart an engagement ring and never gave it to her. Life happened, meaning [it] was dumb. I went in the military after a dumb fight and…. Yeah just one.

He often mentioned this one girl throughout the rest of the forum and the more I read, the more heartbroken I felt for him. When asked what he would do if he could have his health back for one day just to say goodbye, he said he would do this:

Go to Key West Florida. I was there once and saw the sun rise and set in the same day. Was really peaceful and sharing it with her would be more [than] I deserve.

My analysis on his take-home message: Never live life with regrets, especially those involving love. Take risks, those what-ifs and what-could-have-beens could end up hurting forever.

Key West Sunset

Further reading:
Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act:


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