Your Inner Yogi

For over a year now, I have been practicing yoga at least one day a week (all at home for the first year).  I recently started a 1 month package of unlimited yoga classes at Stroga in Adams Morgan, DC.  Now since my [Photo of the Day] experiment failed, I’m going to try something new in light of the increase in my yoga activities.  Once a week, I will post pictures and info on a new yoga pose I learned during that week.  Maybe I can help bring out your inner yogi!

What is Stroga?

A while ago I wrote about how I loved the form of yoga that Shiva Rea teaches [].  I especially enjoyed getting the feeling of a good workout while still improving balance, flexibility, and strength.  When I heard that a new yoga studio was opening in DC called Stroga, I was intrigued.  See for yourself:

Doug Jefferies, owner of Results Gym, was inspired by his own yoga practice and his experiences in personal training and strength conditioning. His desire to combine the two philosophies resulted in the creation of STROGA. Both Functional Training and Yoga help people gain mobility and flexibility, increasing their performance in sports and making them more agile in everyday life.

Strength + Yoga, that’s exactly what I love.

Why am I a believer?

I truly believe that incorporating yoga into your weekly exercise routine will help keep both your mind and body in balance.  Keeping it as a regular practice will also improve your performance in other active hobbies, and for me this includes: running, snowboarding, cycling, and flag football.  It feels so good to do yoga the day after a long run.  I’d say it’s time to bring out your inner yogi.

Extra Good Read: Benefits of Power Yoga

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