Are you claustrophobic? [Part III]

Continued from So you had a bad day… [Part II]. I did say that this next part in the series would be about dealing with insurance claims, but I’m not ready to conquer that beast yet.  So let’s just keep the conversation going about my cripple-hood.
— — — — — — — —
A week after the accident I had an appointment with an orthopedist who would be able to give me a more detailed diagnosis on my knee.  By then, as you saw from the photos in the previous post, the bruising had gone down a bit.  The pain, however, was still very much there so I was eager to find out what was

Instead of a diagnosis though, I got a prescription for an MRI.  Oh joy.  The following Monday, I would be able to answer the first question asked when getting an MRI done: Are you claustrophobic? “I hope not,” was the best answer I could give.

Have you seen an MRI machine before? Now I know why people have
panic attacks!

The technicians at the imaging center were very friendly and made sure I was as
comfortable as possible.  I was also given headphones that played classical music to drown out the loud beeps as well as a blanket to keep me warm.  The whole process took about 20 minutes which seemed like a long time to be laying inside a loud, beeping tunnel.  Apparently though, that is actually on the shorter end of the normal procedure time.


  1. Grade 1 MCL sprain with moderate amount of adjacent edema;
  2. Moderate size focal contusion of the anterolateral aspect of the lateral femoral condyle.

Basically, the inner side of my knee is swollen, ligament is sprained, and bone is bruised.  Recovery time?  Up to several months, but likely to be okay by Feburary/March.  In the mean time, yoga can be my hero. Namaste!

post-script: In case you were wondering, I’m not claustrophobic!


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