So you had a bad day… [Part I]

I’ve been lacking in inspiration to write in this blog, so I’ve decided to start a series of posts to recount my recent experiences of getting hit by a car and the process that follows.
— — — — — — — —
This is the first in the series and it’ll just be my side of the story complete with an awesome diagram I drew up in MS Paint.

On Thursday, December 16th, 2010, the DC area witnessed it’s first snowfall of the season.  For those at work, it simply meant a long commute home.  At around 1:30pm the federal government announced that they would be ‘Open with Option for Unscheduled Leave.’  For me, this meant that I could leave work early and use my Annual or Personal Leave for the remainder of the day.  I decided to take advantage of this and left at 2:30pm so that I could avoid driving home dangerously in the dark.  Retrospectively, it was probably more dangerous to leave earlier.

I decided to take the small roads through DC to get back to Virginia instead of the Beltway since the traffic maps were already indicating horrific traffic conditions.  I was on 16th Street barely half a mile from my office when I tried to come to a stop at the signal on East-West Hwy.  My brakes failed as my tires skidded across a slab of ice and snow that had yet to be plowed off the streets.  The results?  I rear-ended the car in front of me.  There was minimal damage to the car that I hit, but relatively significant damage to the hood and grill of my car.   I then got out to talk to the owner of the other car and to exchange information.  The individual still looked a bit confused so I walked back to my car to call the police.  Before I could even reach my door, I looked up and saw a car coming towards me.  It hit a car two lanes over that had come to a stop earlier, and then slid right into me.  I was backed into my own car and got propped up on top of the hood of the car that hit me.  I managed to push myself off and back onto the street.  Before I could lose my balance, I put my left hand onto the car and was helped up by the individual from the car that I had hit moments earlier.

What originally was a fender bender, turned into a multi-vehicle double accident with a pedestrian struck.  You can’t make this stuff up, people!

For a visual reference, here is what it looked like to me:

Blue car is mine, red X is me.  White X’s are the other individuals involved.

Tune in tomorrow to read what happened next.  Happy Freaking Holidays, folks!


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