My childhood in cartoons.

This is how I really feel about changing my FB photo to a childhood cartoon: READ.

Having all my childhood memories swarming back is not quite a good enough reason for me to change my profile picture, and I’m not going to be a hypocrite and give in because everyone else is doing it.  However, because it is fun to see all those old cartoons, I decided to make this slideshow of my favorite ones.  Some of these cartoons had such good story lines that I wish I could go back and watch them all over again.  The ’80s and ’90s were THE BEST.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you do want to make a stand against child violence, donate to a cause.  Changing your status or profile picture does not yet equate to real activism.  The campaign could have at least directed FB users to provide a link for a donation or support page.  If in the end people start thinking about child abuse and they do donate to a cause, then maybe it was a success.  But the cynical part of me thinks more will be said than actually done.  Of course this is up for debate, so what do you think?

Prevent Child Abuse

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