‘A Right to Care’

Some background before I get to the bulk of this post:

I recently started a new job at the Primary Care Coalition of Montgomery County for which I’m coordinating a project on breast healthcare improvement for the medically under-served population in the region.  This region includes Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties in Maryland, DC, and five health districts in Northern Virginia.  In Prince George’s County, the safety net health system is primarily run by Greater Baden Medical Services.  Last week the Director of Program Management invited my coworkers and I to a special event they were hosting.  I am still in so much amazement in what I saw that I feel I must share it here and everywhere!

Sarah Joneshttp://sarahjonesonline.com/

I could probably write a lot about Sarah Jones and all the work she’s done, but it’s best that you just see for yourself.  Her TED Talk:

That was merely a glimpse of the performance she gave at the event I attended.  She performed ‘A Right to Care,’ a piece she wrote for a W.K. Kellogg Foundation event in 2005 to help raise awareness on ethnic and racial health disparities in the US.  Click on the following link to watch part of that original performance: http://bit.ly/bQaft6.

I love my job.

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