From Feet to Wheels

I’ve primarily been writing about running this past summer when posting about fitness, but it’s not the only form of exercise I enjoy. So what else is there? Cycling, of course! Albeit I’m still a noob, it’s a great way to cross-train nevertheless. I started out late spring of this past year on the Fuji Absolute 4.0, a hybrid I bought from Bike Club VA in Falls Church. Fuji markets this bike as “a classic flat bar bike that offers the performance of a road bike with the comfort you want from a hybrid.” Hybrids have a combination of characteristics from both road and mountain bikes creating a comfortable ride on bike paths and also are ideal for urban commuting. Here’s mine:

Over the summer, I decided I would complete my first triathlon in 2011. To get more efficiency out of my bike ride, this meant I would need a road bike. I was barely on the lookout for one when I unexpectedly received this as a gift on my 24th birthday:

Cannondale CAAD8 Féminine 6

Thanks, PV =)

I’ve now put on about 50 miles across 4 different trails since I got it. The differences between riding a road bike and a hybrid are so stark, I’m beginning to wonder why I didn’t just start out on one. Shifting is so smooth and I can feel that I’m expending less energy now than I did before on the Fuji.

The other great thing about biking is discovering an entirely different part of your world. I’ve tried so many new trails this year that I never even knew existed before. DC has become so much more beautiful to me now because of this. Here’s a list of a few that you can try on both wheels and feet:


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