Saucony KilKenny XC3 Flat Racing Shoe

After expressing my excitement of receiving the Sauconys in the mail to PV, his response was, “Sauconys aren’t that good of a brand.”

I shall respond via blog post: Well that may be because you adhere to the “modern running shoe” mentality.  Sure they are no Asics, Brooks, or Mizunos, but I’ve already established that those aren’t for me.  Besides, that’s a completely subjective statement, for what is deemed a good brand is relative to the runner.  So after running in these flat racing shoes for a couple of weeks, I can now say that they are a gift from heaven.

They are extremely flexible, light, comfortable and most importantly, they also allow me to continue to correct my form.  Although the Bikilas forced me to do so as well, these do in less of an intense way.  My calves don’t get as sore, but I can tell that I am indeed running with better form.  I put 3 miles in them this past Wednesday and it felt great.  I don’t think the Vibrams would have allowed me to run that far because although I do have the lung capacity, I do not yet have the calf strength.

Check out the photos below and notice how low the heel is!

Now that I’ve found the right training shoes fit for me it’s time to get back on track and get ready for the upcoming 10k and 10 miler races.  Happy running! I can’t wait till Fall weather arrives.


2 responses to “Saucony KilKenny XC3 Flat Racing Shoe

  1. those things look gnarly. i want to try. vibrams are nerdy.

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