[Update] Barefoot Running: Vibram Bikilas Unboxed

Ever since I had written my post on barefoot running, I have been reading about and watching videos of it and Vibrams nonstop.  So this past Saturday, the first thing I did was drive into DC  to finally buy myself a pair.  City Sports has the Vibram Bikilas in stock and receive much more frequent shipments than do REI and Hudson Trail Outfitters.  They even offer a 10% discount to students!  Which saved me just about 10 bucks; it was a good day to be buying Vibrams.

Here they are, just as beautiful as they are “weird”:

As far as I know, they only have them in the sky blue/grey as showcased above and silver/verde as pictured in the previous post.  I’ll be breaking them in this week starting tomorrow and I’ll be sure to update my progress.  I hope to be able to run the Army Ten Miler in them!

post-script: I know unboxing events normally occur when the product first comes out and I’m very well aware that the Bikilas have been out since April.  BUT they are new to me so this is just as exciting, no?


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