Barefoot Running

I’ve known about barefoot running for over a year now, and I’m so intrigued by it that I think it’s about time I share my findings!

A few months ago one of the blogs I read regularly (pardon the nerd factor), Clinical Cases and Images: Caseblog, posted a video of Harvard Professor Daniel Lieberman discussing barefoot running and the research he’s done on it.  This was actually the very video that got me to contemplate going barefoot, or at least pseudo-barefoot, myself.  Watch the video below and read the post [here].

I’m sure you might have heard of, or even seen some people wearing, Vibram FiveFingers.  These “shoes” are supposed to mock barefoot running and exercise all the while still protecting your feet from the elements.  When people tell me they get shin splints from running, I tell them to go get fitted for better running shoes.  It’s the shoe that causes the pain.  So why not just ditch the shoe all together?  I think I might.  I’ve got my sights set on these… behold the Vibram Bikila:

Product Description:

“Unlike any running shoe on the market today, the Bikila is a breakthrough product that encourages a more natural, healthier, and more efficient forefoot strike.  While many have been running in their Vibram FiveFingers for years, the Bikila is our first model designed specifically for near barefoot running.”

Nike has also come out with a line of barefoot running shoes: Nike Frees. Although I’ve heard some good things about them, I think I’ll stick to Vibrams for now.

I’ve also actually seen 100% barefoot runners in the wild.  I ran a 10k in May and saw a woman run the whole thing without any shoes.  The soles of her feet were black and more likely than not had developed calluses.  Now, I do want to run like a caveman, but I don’t want to actually look like one.  Vibrams seem to be the right choice for me.  What about you?


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