Summer Running

I absolutely hate long distance running on the treadmill (anything more than 2-3 miles), so I pretty much always run outdoors.  Now with the summer heat coming into play, it’s difficult to find the best times to run comfortably.  It almost literally feels like death to run at noon (which I learned the hard way a couple weekends ago).  So what are some tips on getting in a good run during this unbearably hot summer?

1.  Run very early in the morning.  Last weekend I went on a short 2mile run at 7am and it felt great.  It wasn’t hot or humid yet and getting a morning workout in is always a great way to start any day.

2. Run very late in the evening. This isn’t as ideal as an early morning run because it is usually still pretty humid just before sundown.  Nonetheless, the sun isn’t as strong and you’ll be able to get through a run without feeling like collapsing at finish.

3. Find shaded paths. Lake Accotink in Springfield has a good shaded trail that I like to run on during hot summer afternoons and evenings.  Plus, it’s around a lake so it is a little cooler.  Another good option is Four Mile Run Trail which runs parallel to the W&OD in Arlington.  It is almost completely shaded which is in stark contrast to it’s close counterpart (completely unshaded).  Shade makes an incredible amount of difference when running under the sun.  This is why we need more trees!

Lastly, hydrate, Hydrate, HYDRATE! Always remember to hydrate well before a long run, or a short one for that matter.  It will prevent cramping and heat exhaustion while also helping with temperature regulation which is crucial because you will be losing a lot of water through sweat. [Click for further reading].

Some more tips from 3 Ways to Run Through the Heat, Tips for Running in the Heat

Join me on some runs! My upcoming races:

6/26 – Tim Harmon 5k

7/2 – Independence 5000

7/17 – NPC 5k

10/24 – Army Ten-Miler

(Also possibly signing up for the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half-Marathon (9/19) or the Clarendon Day 10k (9/25)

My Results.


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