Shiva Rea

I try to incorporate yoga into my workouts at least once a week in order to improve my balance, strength, and flexibility.  I’m also able to stretch out different parts of my body that only these yoga poses can reach and relieve.  Last Spring, I found a yoga DVD at Borders and randomly decided to buy it because it was on sale.  Little did I know how it would change my life!  It’s Shiva Rea’s Creative Core and Upper Body Yoga.

Description:  All good things flow from a strong core. “One of the world’s greatest yoga masters” (Vanity Fair), Shiva Rea, has transformed abs work, turning crunches into flowing poses that get results. Sculpt your abs, arms, and shoulders. Approx. 35 min., plus bonus segment on 1 DVD.

What I love most about it is that it’s not a boring yoga video.  It incorporates traditional yoga poses with an upper body and core workout.  I sweat every single time I do it and I feel great when I finish.  Shiva Rea has truly mastered the art of yoga in a way that I’ve seen nowhere else.  I’m sad I missed out on her visit to DC a couple weeks ago.  Here is the trailer:

May your personal practice of yoga flourish on behalf of humanity. | Shiva Rea


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