Local Honey

The end of May is approaching and my allergies are STILL bothering me daily.  This is probably a common complaint among allergy sufferers such as myself for this year’s allergy season has been the worst in over a decade.  There are dozens of factors that have led to this record setting year, but what I’m most concerned about is how I should best deal with it.  Perhaps some OTC drugs or even some prescription drugs?  Nope.  Despite actually working for a pharmacy, I’m a believer in holding off on the pills for as long as possible.  I do have some Zyrtec and Allegra for emergencies, but the remedy I find most fascinating is… honey!  Not just any kind of honey though, it must be local honey!  What a great reason to visit your local farmers markets (see the May 8, 2010 post for a location!)

So here’s why a little bit of honey a day will keep your sneezing away:

Via Mark’s Daily Apple: “Because bees pick up the pollen of their environment, the resulting honey can offer something of a therapeutic dose for gradual desensitization – much like an allergy shot. It’s important to start small (1/4 teaspoon daily – max) and work your way up to gradually build tolerance.”

It has to be honey local to you because it must come from the bees in your area!  Yeah, those little yellow and black devils that are spreading the pollen around.  You can think of it as getting a vaccination — a little dose to build up an immunization.

Here’s some more in-depth information on how this works — Primal Homemaking.

I find it most pleasing (and relieving) to put a little bit of honey in my tea.  The hot tea sooths my itchy throat while the honey works its magic.  Another win-win in my book.


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