4 Again

It is a new year, a new decade, and as it is the Year of the Tiger, I approach a full cycle when I turn 24. All this newness has also brought on new techniques on getting fit and staying healthy. Yesterday I once again reached the 4 mile mark, but in contrast to 2009, I’m pushing further in 2010 and in a different way. I also have to admit that after I reached the mark last year, I pretty much ceased all regular activity/cardio.

Take a look at my running log from 2010 in comparison to the one I posted last year.

Although the result seems the same, the path is quite different. This time I’m using Hal Higdon’s 10k Training calendar as shown below.

I haven’t actually signed up for a 10k yet since I’m primarily using this training as a way to keep me on track with my cardio and exercise.  It’s been quite effective and rewarding as it has allowed me to be creative with what I choose for my strength and cross training days. I’ve incorporated Shiva Rea Yoga, some cycling, hopefully some swimming, and thanks to Miss Kelly Wu, P90X and INSANITY workouts as well.   I also learned late in 2009 that my cholesterol is slightly high and my BMI is slightly low.  So hopefully with better nutrition and a consistent workout regimen, I can do and be better in 2010.

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