[veedeeoh] Vail

[Music: What You Know by Two Door Cinema Club]

I’ve posted this everywhere, so why not here too?  The bulk of the video was recorded on Day 3 of our trip, which had the worst conditions from our time there.  You can even hear how hard the snow was as I was going down.  The very beginning of the video with the short commentary was from Day 1 right before our first run down China Bowl.  You can tell from the video that we had near white out conditions on this day.  It’s incredible how each day was completely different.  The best conditions were on Day 2 with what many like to call, Bluebird conditions (blue, cloudless skies and fresh powder).  I’m sorry I didn’t think to take any videos on that day!

It’s quite fitting that the video ends with the lyrics, “maybe next year,” because maybe we will go back to one of the best resorts in the world next year.  Can’t wait!

Favorite Trails: (Trail Map PDF)

China Bowl: Poppyfield’s East and tree riding
Blue Sky Basin: Pete’s Bowl (Grand Review, Cloud Nine, Big Rock Park)
Front Side: Whiskey Jack to Flap Jack, Avanti, Simba, Lion’s Way, Born Free

Favorite Beer: Fat Tire Amber Ale

Pictures on Picasa here:

Vail ’10

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