Sugar Cereals

Visit for a list of some sometimes profound, sometimes silly, and always awesome things. It’s like my happy lists! Thanks to Mumbly for sending me that way.

One of my favorites is #679: Old School Sugar Cereals. Their Top 10, from 10 to 1, includes: Corn Pops, Trix, Sugar Crisp, Cocoa Puffs/Pebbles/Chocula, Grape Nuts, Honeycomb, Cap’n Crunch, Cookie Crisp, and Honey Nut Cheerios.

Here’s mine in random order:

I can still remember what they all taste like. Oh the joys of being a kid.

This is what I eat now:

Cardboard cereal… Oh the woes of being an adult.

Other favorites:

#701: When you hit the point where you’re comfortable farting around each other
#717: Sleeping with one leg under the covers and one leg out
#804: Gym pain (hurts so… awesome!)
#806: Ducks (to eat and to photograph!)
#852: The smell of the coffee aisle in the grocery store (my brother and I used to steal a bean and sniff them)
#893: Orange slices at half-time (HS LAX days!)
#920: Getting the eyelash out of your eye (


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