Allium sativum

Allium sativum, more popularly known as garlic, is my favorite of the onion family. Not only do I love cooking with it, but I love eating it raw and whole as well. It may have something to do with my Thai background, but like my love for cilantro, without it, my fooding life would have a big “meh” stamp on it. I have a feeling many may not agree with my sentiments due to the bad breath it leaves you, but what some may not know is that garlic has several health benefits! I shall highlight them below.

(via HealthMad) 10 Health Benefits of Garlic
[Heart disease, impotence, low weight birth, infections, allergies, tooth aches, cold sores, cancer, food poisoning, and the common cold]
Huh? Impotence, too? Click on the article above to read the details.

Nutritional Benefits (via the Worlds Healthiest Foods) WHFoods: Garlic

I used to love garlic just for its flavor and pungency, but now I love it for all that it is… So much so that I felt it deserved its own blog post.  Cheers to garlic!


2 responses to “Allium sativum

  1. nice knife skills. what knife do you use/have?

  2. i wrote a paper on this when i was in 7th grade =)

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