kuay teow nua loog chin

Kuay teow nua loog chin (Thai beef noodle soup with meatballs) is what I believe home-style Thai food and cooking is all about.  It’s what I crave most when I’m away from home, what I look forward to eating every weekend when I am home, what I eat for lunch everyday when I visit Thailand, and what I hope to learn to perfect and cook for my own family someday.  Some even say that it’s the Thai version of pho.  Unfortunately, you will rarely ever find it available at Thai restaurants in the U.S. because you can’t just make one bowl of it.  Like pho restaurants, it needs its own establishment to be served at its best; it just hasn’t garnered substantial popularity here to do so yet.

I thought I’d showcase my love and appreciation for this dish here.  If you’ve read my yelp profile, it’s what I’ve chosen as my “last meal on Earth.”

kuay teow nua loog chin

If you’re ever in Thailand, make sure to stop by a neighborhood noodle cart or stand to devour a bowl.  It’ll only cost you a dollar or two!  I’m sure my mother would be glad to make you a bowl as well.

Andrew Zimmern’s recipe – slight variation from my mom’s, but it has the basics.


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