For your viewing pleasure

Jason Reitman, the director of Juno and Thank You for Smoking, brings us an adaptation of Walter Kirn’s novel Up in the Air with George Clooney and Vera Farmiga.  With a solid 90% on RT, it was a definite must-see.  It’s wide-release isn’t until Christmas Day, but if you can’t wait till then, AMC Loews in Georgetown is currently showing it.  I was able to catch a showing last weekend and the theatre was packed, so go early!

(Don’t you just love that they played Lake Michigan in the trailer?)

With the contrasting combination of a funny script and a dark story, it could be classified as a “dramedy” or a “rom-com” or a light-hearted drama.  Or perhaps it is a comedy that covers a very serious, rather sensitive, and quite eerily topical subject.  I would actually advise against watching it on Christmas Day especially if you know someone who’s lost their jobs recently; not particularly a great day to be reminded of that.

Here are some early online reviews and articles:
Ted’s Take – How Much Does Your Life Weigh?

NY Times – Review of Up in the Air (novel)

WAFCA via DCist – Washington Area Film Critics Honor Up in the Air
– Winners of Best Film, Best Actor, Best Screenplay/Adapted

msnbc – ‘Up in the Air’ leads with 6 Golden Globe Nods

post-script: WAFCA also gave Christoph Waltz from Inglourious Basterds Best Supporting actor and it is incredibly well-deserved.  He was way too good at being evil.

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