Pippy Pip Pipster!

Introducing  the new addition to our family: Hudson “Pip” Moraras [Click on the images to view larger!]

His story:

I adopted him Tuesday December 1, 2009 from the Fairfax County Animal Shelter after having read about him on their website.  He is a Yorkshire Terrier mix that was surrendered to the shelter by his previous owners who had found him as a stray 3 years ago.  We believe him to be just around 4 years old.  He was in pretty poor condition when he was first dropped off; he had a flea infestation that had gotten so bad it caused a skin infection.  To give you an idea of how bad it was, his previous owners surrendered another dog with him, a female pitbull, and she had mange!  I am so thankful he didn’t catch it.  His skin infection has been treated and he no longer has any scabs or crusts; his fur, however, still needs to grow back fully.  I intend to plump and primp him up in no time.

His name:

Although his previous owners had named him Hudson, I decided to rename him Pip for the following reasons:

  • Pip is a common Thai nickname, and now that he has joined our Thai family, I found it quite fitting.
  • Pip is the protagonist from Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations; he was an orphan who grew up attempting to become a gentleman.  Since I adopted my Pip from a shelter and he was once a stray, I like to think of him as my little orphan too.
  • Pip is also the South Park character Philip “Pip” Pirrup, whose character was based on Pip from Great Expectations.  The best description I found for him is the following: “He is generally portrayed as a cheerful, laid-back character, who may be constantly knocked down, but always got right back up again.”   My Pip is definitely laid-back and although he’s had a rough history, I think he’ll do just fine!

Now isn’t that just Pip perfect?


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