Post-Turkey Day

After a mediocre session of midnight madness Black Friday shopping, I thought it was fitting to end Turkey Day with Julie & Julia.  When it first came out in theatres, I did notice that it got a lot of hype in the food blogs (the kitchn, Foodie at FifteenSeriousEats, etc).  And at the time, for some reason I wasn’t impressed and didn’t even bother reading those articles.  To be honest, I think I was simply turned off by the title of the movie!  There was no reason to not watch it, even RT gave it 75% on the tomatometer.

It is a true “foodie” movie. It’s based on Julie Powell’s blog: The Julie/Julia Project and Julia Child’s life in France learning to cook.  It’s funny, heartwarming, and delicious to watch.  Have I found my inspiration to begin baking again?  Not quite (I’m still kind of hopeless). 
Watch the trailer below.


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