Taste of Dupont 2009

Taste of Dupont
So were these $5 tasting plates worth it?  Probably not.  But it did its job for I’ll probably return to Cafe Dupont for their great service, beautiful dining rooms, and tasty tastings!

Quick recap for the night:
Urbana: 2121 P St. NW Washington, DC 20037 (202) 956-6650

Beef shortrib and foie gras ravioli with chanterelle mushrooms and caramelized onion broth

Scion: 2100 P St. NW Washington, DC 20037 (202) 833-8899

BBQ Duck Bun – Pulled Hoisin Tangerine duck and caramelized onions topped with shredded carrots and cucumbers and Thai chile cilantro aioli in a soft Asian Bao

Pumpkin Tiramisu: Kahlua soaked lady fingers topped with pumpkin mousse, caramel, and chocolate

Cafe Dupont: 1500 New Hampshire Ave. NW Washington, DC 20036

Seared Dive Scallop with Liquid Center Butternut squash Ravioli with Brown butter and maple syrup
(This also came with a free wine pairing glass of Pinot Gris’ which I happened to have just purchased a bottle of from Jefferson Vineyards and learned that it goes well with seafood!)


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