Paris, Je’taime

The Kojo Show — November 11, 2009: Local Culinary Worldtour: French Cuisine

After listening to Kojo yesterday I grew a massive craving for une crêpe au jambon et fromage… and it must be Paris quality.  I’m kidding, but I may start a hunt for good crepes in the DC area.  I did one for ceviche and finally succeeded at Costa Verde; miracles do happen.

Now that I think about it, I have been to my fair share of local French restaurants.  Below is a list of the ones I’ve been to:

Cafe La Ruche [Yelp Review] – Crab Quiche
Central Michel Richard [TPG Review] – Lobster Burger
La Bergerie
Bistrot du Coin: TPG Review below!

location: Dupont Circle
1738 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20009-1103
(202) 234-6969

Must Get: Moules Festival – Bistrot du Coin is known for their steaming potful of mussels, mostly marinated in a white wine sauce.  For two, we shared a small pot of the Moules proveçales a la facon Hiba (Steamed mussels in white wine with tamatoes, thyme and garlic) for $8.95.  Although the serving was more than enough for two people, I still wanted more because they were that good. (It’s even better when you dip your bread in the sauce!)

The service and the atmosphere almost makes it feel like you’re in France, even the servers and owners are French.  The front of the restaurant reminds me of the cafes in Paris with the big open window.  (This is in retrospect since I ate here before I visited Paris for the first time.)  They also serve their water in glass bottles… does it get any better than that?  It was just a very fun place to eat at.

The entrees were not as memorable as the mussels, but still pretty good.  I had the Magret de canard au poivre vert (Pan seared maple leaf duck breast and vegetable flan with light creamy green peppercorns sauce) while PV had Le Steak Maison (Grilled Steak Frites with French Fries and bearnaise).  Although the duck was really flavorful, it was a little chewy.  Nonetheless, I still would recommend it.  PV’s dish actually looks almost exactly like what we ate in Paris (larger portions for Americans though).  I can’t remember what the steak tasted like, but I think he was satisfied.

Go eat the moules people! They is good.

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