Self-Diagnosis: Stacking OCD

To me, stacking is a mere practicality.

Why carry two (three, four, or five..) empty plates to the sink with two hands, when you can carry them all with one?

This so-called stacking OCD has been conditioned and nurtured by my family, who I believe also “suffers” from this disorder.  It is a little humorous to say that it irks me to see two finished plates after a meal just sitting there… apart.  (I’ve even caught myself stacking in restaurants.)  And don’t get me started on how I feel about seeing this scene in a kitchen sink!  This is how I know I’ll never have a problem washing dishes, or at the very least I’ll have a very, very organized, dirty sink.

So imagine the excitement when I found THIS Pho Tableware design.
Oh the beauty of finding form meeting function.

I want!!


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