A Series of Historical Accidents

With a more-than-slight sense of disdain, I will admit that I either have Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” or Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” incessantly on replay in my head.  This is, by the way, not by choice, but rather, it’s merely a reflection of what today’s radio stations are constantly having to play every hour of everyday.  UGH.  Enough already!  Even if you start to like a song, you’ll end up hating it purely because of this repititious nature.  So to save my ears from this pain, for the past several months I have had one of two talk radio stations on to get me through the day: 106.7 The Fan and WAMU 88.5 (NPR).  While I probably now know more than the average Redskins fan should know about the team, I’ve also learned a little more about the world around me.  Talk about a win-win!  When I do miss music, I’ll just pop in a mixed CD (mostly comprised of music from this playlist: hypem.com/pmoraras), because sadly, my car is not iPod capable.

Now onto the real topic of the day:  How the American Health System came to be.

Podcast – October 22, 2009: Accidents of History Created U.S. Health System: NPR

It explains how the current employer based health insurance system started in the first place.  If we want to fix this broken system, we should try to understand how and why it became so popular.  Always look to history to understand the present and determine the future!

post-script:  As I’m publishing this, my brother is in the next room watching TV and I can hear Ms. Cyrus’ voice.. noddin’ my head like yeah.  I think you get it now.

One response to “A Series of Historical Accidents

  1. what a great image. Yea, i heart NPR big time.. this week is their membership drive, and they're really tugging at my heart strings. I think i'm going to give in though – i do want that shopping bag :P Also, i'm totally listening to your song list. this is an excellent way to mix it up. thanks!

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