Oaksterdam University

“Cannabusiness?”  In “Oaksterdam?”

Listen here:
– April 28, 2009: Pot School: Oaksterdam Teaches ‘Cannabusiness’
– October 15, 2009: In California, Marijuana Dispensaries Outnumber Starbucks

I love NPR.
So informative. So random. So good.  

From Wiki:

Oaksterdam is a cultural district on the north end of downtown Oakland, California, where medical cannabis in a variety of competitively priced smokeable and edible preparations is available for purchase in multiple cafes, clubs, and patient dispensaries.[1] Oaksterdam is located on the north end of downtown Oakland, between downtown proper, the Lakeside, and the financial district. It is roughly bordered by 14th street on the southwest, Harrison Street on the southeast, 19th Street on the northeast, and Telegraph Avenue on the northwest. The name is a portmanteau of “Oakland” and “Amsterdam“.

Why go to Amsterdam when you can just go to Oaksterdam?

post-script: Don’t let this post confuse you for you should already be aware of what my favorite herb is.

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