The future is here!

As you may recall, in the previous post I stated that I would be getting a DSLR in the future. Little did I know that the future would come just 4 days after that post — my 23rd birthday. After a lovely dinner downtown, I unwrapped a beautiful Canon EOS Rebel XSi. I can’t wait to accessorize her and entertain myself with the nearly endless possibilities a DSLR can offer.

I’ve updated my Flickr account with a few of my first photos, but since I haven’t figured out all the settings yet, they’re not that great. I’m excited, though, that I will be able to document my Eurotrip with this camera. The PowerShot/Lumix combo has been upgraded to a Lumix/Rebel duo! Hopefully I’ll be able to put up some posts during my trip, but if I don’t have the time there will definitely be one when I come back.

[First Photo]

post-script: I also may or may not have an underlying desire to be a food photographer. It would only make sense for a porker/wannabe foodie such as myself. Will this be my new hobby? We shall see! We shall see.

One response to “The future is here!

  1. your flickr account makes me hungry. like really hungry. i loved your bday cake, btw!have fun in europe.

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