Survival of the Sickest

I originally heard about this book from (he is so good at finding quality, random things). There was a link to a post from the blog that was started after the book was published. The author, Dr. Moalem, had written quiet a few interesting posts, but I’d never really taken the effort to actually go buy the book. Here is a link to one of my favorite posts: Frozen Frogs.

Last week I went to Borders to kill some time and look through some GRE prep books; I walked by the bargain shelf and saw Survival of the Sickest for $5.99! It was calling my name… I had to get it. So I’m putting off Catch-22 for this; I’m only in the beginning, but so far, it is quite interesting and has not disappointed my curiosity at all.

An excerpt:

From Chapter VIII

Seth Cook is the oldest living American with a particularly rare genetic disorder. He’s lost all his hair. His skin is covered in wrinkles. His arteries are hardened. His joints hurt from arthritis. He takes an aspirin and a blood thinner every day.

He is twelve years old. [Read more.]


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