Summer To-Do

In no particular order of importance:

  • Nats game – June 6
  • Orioles game
  • DC United game
  • Farmers Markets galore
  • More Wharf/seafood action
  • Understand my own golf stroke (or rather, actually develop one)
  • Play more tennis!

Apparently I only care about food and sports…

In other random news:

Ever since the beginning of the whole Prajean thing, I didn’t have much interest in reading any of those CNN articles about her. I honestly just don’t think she’s that important… at all. Today I came across this TV Squad article with a clip of Keith Olbermann’s “WTF? Moment” on her. I just think he’s funny so I watched it and it brought me somewhat up-to-date on the issue. Turns out, she’s still on the Unimportant List.


One response to “Summer To-Do

  1. actually, i had to look up prajean when you mentioned this, or click through on the keith olberman thing. That whole mess is.. you’re right, unimportant. it’s a beauty pagent, and her answer contradicted itself, and all of a sudden, she’s trying to be the bastion for a cause, that frankly, i don’t think she’s really thought about. Out of all the people that the anti-gay marriage could champion/support, she’s probably the riskiest bet that I’m sure is likely to backfire.

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