Yelp Me

Hac: yoo
me: sup
Hac: nothing just wanted to tell you
that you are everywhere i go

i went to find directions to the wharf
me: yelp?
and there u be
me: lol
Hac: lol
me: at first that sounded like a creepy pick-up line
Hac: lol, yeh thats why i tried typing it fast
bc i was like hrmm this might unravel wrong
me: hahahha
Hac: i’m gonna click on ur name and read ur reviews
self proclaimed foodie
me: ^wannabe
when are you going to the wharf
i wish i could go every weekend
Hac: holy crap
u eat a lot
me: that is correct

My posts have seriously been lacking in substance lately — I’m gonna have to take a break and wait for something good to come up. ADIOS y, ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!


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