Life without Google…

… is torturous. Today I have realized how unhealthy my attachment to Google is — it runs nearly every aspect of my daily life. In no particular order of importance, please see below:

1. Google
2. GMaps
3. Gmail
4. Gchat
5. Blogger
6. Google Reader
7. Google Documents
8. Google Calendar
9. Google News

Today I could not:

  • do proper searches for Dunkin Donuts locations, use my CTRL+e shortcut, or find a map of the W&OD trail without 1 – instead I had to use Yahoo and Wiki;
  • work efficiently in the office without 3, 7, and 8;
  • filter thoroughly through my daily intake of internet news and blogs without 6 and 9;
  • get proper directions to Dunkin Donuts without 2 – instead I used Yahoo which directed me to a Dunkin Donuts that no longer exists;
  • use gmaps-pedometer to figure out how far to run on the W&OD trail without 2 because it is powered by 2!;
  • go into a group chat to talk about my porkerness with Mumbly and Hue without 4 (Meebo does not have this feature) and;
  • write about this in my blog because I could not sign into 5 until now.

F. M. L. for it belongs to Google.

Can you remember your life before Google?

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