Detox Day 1 Recap


I knew this day would be the hardest and I was right, but I survived. This is what I drank:

Breakfast: Warm water with a squeeze of fresh, organic lemon juice and a glass of freshly squeezed organic oranges. (The latter is definitely a winner.)

Lunch: Homemade smoothie made with a cup of unsweetened, plain soy milk, frozen organic strawberries, and 1 organic banana. I only drank a third of what I made because it tasted like.. crap. Sugar makes a whole lot of difference and the lack of it only made my smoothie unhappy.

Dinner: Glass of soy milk and a cup of green tea.

Result: IT SUCKED. Well mostly towards dinnertime because my mom just had to make a ridiculously good smelling feast for everyone not on a detox diet.

Net Weight Change: 0lbs
(Note: The purpose of this detox is not to lose weight, but it is inevitable so I’ll just document it here. I imagine I’ll go back to my normal weight within a week of completion.)


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