Chocoholics Anonymous

Co Co Sala

929 F Street, NW

Washington, DC 20004

In celebration of my first paycheck at the new job, Mumbly and I put on our baller suits and indulged in some tapas, dessert, and drinks at Co Co Sala.

Our menu for this special night:
CoCo Bites: (sorry, no pictures here. We were halfway done eating them before we remembered to take some. Great presentation on their part, though!)
Lobster Salad [lemon aioli/cucumber/crushed avodcado/greens/corn bread/passion chocolate vinaigrette]

Tuna Tartar [blue fin tuna/zesty herb dressing/crispy shallots]

Monde Du Chocolat:
Xocolatyl (Three Course Aztec Experience)
– Churros with Dulce de Leche dip

– Hot chocolate souffle with fiery center, kahlua shooter, expresso ice cream
– chocolate infused horchata, mexican wedding cake

Cocktails (Elixir Pairings):
cocojito (left) – a mojito with Chocolate-infused vodka and chocolate shavings – most popular drink there and freaking delicious!! The chocolate flavor was so subtle and blended so well with the lime and mint; who knew chocolate would be this good in a cocktail.
alisar (right) – refreshing cucumber drink – tasted like sprite! The cucumber gave it just enough flavor for a great aftertaste. This is the second best drink on the menu, imo.

[3 separate sections, DJ, a bit frou frou, diverse, mid-20s to mid-30s crowd]
Left side: Bar with two-tops along the wall.
Center: Bar, loungy feeling with short tables and couches.
Right side: Dining room – great for dates, but also for large groups too.

Overall: I recommend this place for a special occasion. Everything I put in my mouth was pretty much amazing. It’s only good for special occasions though because I don’t have the monies to be dropping 70 bucks for small plates and desserts. Although the cocktails were probably the best I’ve had in a while, they are pretty expensive at $13 per drink. If I’m going to pay that much for a drink, it not only must be good, but it must also be STRONG! This is what lacked at CoCoSala.

4 stars on the Yelp scale!

post script: om nom nom nom… nom nom


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