2008 in cities

Kottke does a list every year, so I wanted to see what my list looked like.

Las Vegas, NV
San Francisco, CA
Lake Tahoe, CA
Blacksburg, VA
Duck (OBX), NC
New York City, NY
Rehoboth/Dewey, DE
Charlottesville, VA*
Bangkok, Thailand
Lynchburg, VA
Richmond, VA**
Breckenridge, CO

*still counts since it was a visit even though I lived there the first 5 months of the year
**Obama Rally! It doesn’t really count, but it was an important event for me

And because my 2008 list is so impressive, let’s take a look at 2007!

Lima, Peru
Cusco, Peru
Managua, Nicaragua
San Jose, CA
San Francisco, CA
Harrisonburg, VA
Atlantic City, NJ
Chicago, IL

That wasn’t as impressive as I thought it would be. What does yours look like?

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