Sometimes I miss Stuart, but I have a strange feeling that he is haunting me…

Ever since my accident 1.75yrs ago, I’ve racked up a pretty good list of car-related mishaps:

  • October 2007 – Reckless speeding on Rte. 64 (83 on 65) — I got it reduced to 80 (not reckless)
  • May 2008 – Speeding ticket on 29 (60 on 45) — this one actually made me cry because it was completely unintentional and I was trying SO HARD not to speed
  • June 2008 – Parking ticket + Towing — restricted parking lane from 6am-7pm 7 days/week, I thought it only applied to weekdays. Plus, a few months later it became completely unrestricted… boo!
  • December 2008 – Left side-view mirror stolen

Talk about some serious bad luck. Albeit 75% of those events were my fault, I never had this much trouble with Stuart or any of my cars before him. Although there was one time I crushed his right ear into the garage wall 4 months before I totaled him. Anyway, now it looks like he’s seeking revenge by taking the left mirror from my new, but not-so-new-anymore car.

Side note: I’ve also become sorely superstitious about listening to Death Cab while driving. I happened to be listening to them before my accident as well as speeding ticket #2.

I suck, may 2009 bring me some better fortune.

Here are pics from the last day I saw Stuart. He never made it to the hospital (more mechanical issues than physical issues that took him straight to the death bed).

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