tick tock, tick tock

This is the Christmas Eve sports update edition:

[I’m staring at the clock and watching every slow minute go by as I decide on a good time to dip out of here early. Surely, blogging will help the time pass by? It’s Christmas Eve yo! Release me already!]

So I missed this last night, but the highlights are sweet. It sure is a great day to be a Caps fan and an immensely sucky day to be a Rangers one =)

“I think they stopped playing hockey,” said Ovechkin, who scored the first and fourth goals while firing 13 shots on Henrik Lundqvist . “They probably believed when it was 4-0 that they won the game, and then they played fancy. We played differently. We played a hard, physical game.”

And from Ted:

“Then Ovechkin scores and we tie the game 4 to 4. We go into OT and – bang – we win 5-4 on a goal by a D man who NEVER scores a goal.

Improbable. Impossible. A true character win. Shorthanded in NYC at Madison Square Garden and yet we never gave up. We played as a team. We played with heart and determination and belief in each other.”

And this is why I remind my mom every time she complains about the Redskins that we have a good punter, just not a good kicker. gg last weekend.

That be all… I’m leaving in 1 hour!

Merry Christmas Eve! =)

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