but that’s my job!

DCist recently posted a blog about my favorite soon doo boo place. They’ve stripped me of my personal duty to spread the tofu love by speaking to a larger audience — the entire DC Metro Area =(. This is both a good and a bad thing: 1. Everyone should experience the excellence that is Lighthouse Tofu and, 2. It’s already gotten busier and busier over the past few years and it might not be my special hole-in-the-wall Korean joint anymore. Sadness, indeed.

I’m going through a strange food craving phase — I want bun bo hue, dim sum, tofu, kfc mashed potatoes… I could go on (and no, it’s not that time of the month… I’m just a porker). Perhaps it is because I’d rather think about food than do work.

P.S. Ovie says hi!

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