Here’s what happens when you get sucked into playing a game of Blockles:

1. 1 game turns into 2, 2 turns into 4, and before you know it… you’ve played over 100 games in one sitting.
2. wrist and/or right middle finger injury
3. emotional detachment from the outside world
4. dreams/nightmares with Blockles sound effects:

Mai: you know sometimes at night when you’re falling asleep you have a song stuck in your head
last night it was the sound of blockles
Me: hahahhaa
oh man this is not good
Mai: it felt kinda nightmarish with the sound of ppl sending you lines
5. you play at work and (almost) get caught:
Christine: omg my boss walked into my room just as i was about to start a tetris game
I blame this on Hac Van Hoang Dang.

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