the night before… sacrificial skins

1. The Redskins Rule: Courtesy of DC Sports Bog

Yes, thanks to the research of the Elias Sports Bureau’s Steve Hirdt, we learned in 2000 that when the Redskins would win their last home game before a presidential election, the incumbent party held on to control of the White House. When the Redskins lost their last home game before the election, the out-of-power party took over. Worked every time, all the way back to the franchise’s first game in Washington in 1937.

Redskins Loss = Obama Win
Lettuce carry on the tradition then! Extremely painful loss though…

2. The Last Word: Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball

Compared to the 2004 Electoral Map Below:

4. Midnight Voting from Dixville Notch: More here and here (CNN)

General Election: (21 voters)

This is the first time Dixville Notch chose a Democrat since 1968.

5. My favorite Obama video:

That be all. Happy Election Day! GO VOTE!


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