Porkers United!

Central Michel Richard

1001 Pennsylvania Ave.

NW Washington, DC 20004

Normally after eating at a new restaurant I’ll log on to my Yelp account and give my 2 cents, but today I feel like reviewing Central on here. Plus, there are already over 90 reviews on the place — I’m not sure how else I could contribute.

So the theme of the night was gluttony. In this case gluttony equaled 1 bottle of pinot noir, 3 apps, 2 extra sides, 5 entrees, and 1 dessert just for 3 people. For apps we had the frog legs, filet mignon tartare, and fresh oysters. They were all okay, nothing too special though.

Main Features:
Me – Lobster burger with salad. I have to say, the entire plate was scrumptious. I was afraid the flavor of the lobster would be overpowered by the tomato as is usually the case with regular burgers, but Michel proved me wrong. The tomato was sliced thin enough so that flavors of the bun, lobster, and tomato all blended incredibly well together. The burger also comes with potato tuiles — which I’m guessing is the thin little crisp thing. It didn’t have much taste, but it definitely added some crunch and texture. The lobster itself was just amazing — chunky and flavorful. I love it and must get it again when I can.

The boys both had the Loup de mer. This was the sea bass that came with some leafy greens and grated cheese which seemed to just melt deliciously in your mouth. The fish itself was great too — cooked to perfection. We also tried the rabbit and fried chicken. The rabbit tasted like chicken and we barely touched it. We were curious about the fried chicken because we wanted to see if it was really some fancy fried chicken or if it would be like KFC. The chicken ended up being very tender and actually tasted like it was cooked in a curry batter — like it should have been an Indian dish.

There’s always room for DESSERT!

Through Yelping I learned that the “Kit Kat Bar,” now named Michel’s Chocolate Bar, was the best dessert on the menu. People said it was a must-get when dining at Central. So, naturally, we got it and were not disappointed. It was so moist and chocolatey and the little wafer at the bottom gave it enough crisp so you didn’t feel like you were eating a pile of mush.

Porkers United!

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