Food Allergies for Food Lovers

I am currently experiencing the consequences of eating an avocado sandwich for lunch. I will endure and fight my own body’s rejection of something that not only tastes good, but is supposed to be good for you! Due to my undying love, I absolutely refuse to stop eating the foods that my body hates most. It’s heart over head, as always. Plus, I’m stubborn as crap.

This includes:

Dairy Products:


Peaches, Plums, Bananas, Apples, Mangoes (more so than before), Avocados, Melons, Cherries, and more
Limes, Peppers, Tomatoes (irritates the skin on my fingers when I cut them)

Kiwi — the worst of them all and the only fruit I will never, EVER eat again.

This is so ironic in more ways than one.

Link to an interesting article on fruit allergies (Oral Allergy Syndrome)

P.S. In case you were wondering (and I know you were), I’m NOT allergic to Pears, especially not the Asian ones.


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