Oh Canon, how I adore you so

A detailed recap of my journey in becoming a Canon loyalist:

I recently have had to purchase a new camera because the late Casio Exilim EX-S600 (as shown below)……could not survive two years and started to produce pictures like so:

You can clearly see the overexposure and horizontal lines that seem to come from nowhere (it’s so bright, it looks like I chose the B/W feature!). It would actually fix temporarily when I shook it and smacked it around a couple times, but now it’s permanently dead and I want me a good camera! I originally bought this Casio off of ebay (NIB) for about $280 (s/h included) and currently on sale on Amazon for $299; I’ll probably never spend that much on a camera again. Although in its prime I did enjoy its easy-to-use interface and slim body, I am now willing to sacrifice size for better features.

Now, here was my first choice:
Nikon Coolpix s550I was pretty excited for this camera because it had gotten pretty good reviews and I didn’t think I could find another decent camera for the same price ($188 incl. s/h). When it arrived though, I was sadlydisappointed. Not only was it THICK and CHUNKY, but it would take longer than most cameras to allow the light in so I could start shooting too. Also, I found that I would have to hold onto the shutter a bit longer for it to take a simple picture even without flash. I’m sure if I read the manual front to back, I would have mastered the camera and using it may have been acceptable, but I’m not going to do that — I want a camera that is already user-friendly! I couldn’t even find the original setup menu and for some reason I couldn’t view the pictures that I had previously taken on another camera with the same SD card. What’s wrong with you Nikon?! I know I said I would sacrafice size for better features, but I did not find the fruits of my sacrifice. Therefore, back to Amazon you go! Goodbye.

The Winner:
Canon PowerShot SD1100ISAlthough it is not as slim as the Casio Exilim, it is definitely not as chunky as the Nikon. This is currently on sale on Amazon for $174 $169 (with Free Super Saver Shipping, too)! Alas, a camera within budget and with all the features I have come to love. Aside from the average BW and Sepia Tone photos, there are some other color features I like as well:

Color Accent: You can aim the camera at a specific color and choose it so that only that color will come out in the picture; everything else will be in black and white (exceptions: choosing colors close to your skin color, etc).

[normal, accent green, accent blue]

Color Swap: You can also aim your camera at a certain color and “swap” it so that it changes to another color. I went kind of crazy when I first discovered this and took exactly 50 different pictures of this one flower that came with my drink at dinner (mind you this was a 4hr dinner and I had nothing else to do). My cousins also went crazy and started changing my skin color to blue, black, green, yellow, red.. you name it. It’s quite fun actually.

[Original Flower Color]

Another good feature — You can adjust the exposure of the camera so that it can produce better pictures in dim or bright settings. You can choose anywhere from a range of -2 to 2 when adjusting. This is the user-friendly camera that I wanted. I didn’t need to read the manual to find these features and that’s what made it fun — discovering it all on my own. Canon makes you feel like an artist made overnight.

Conclusion: love it, keeping it, and taking good care of it.

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