Yes, I am still here!

My apologies for being unable to update in nearly a week! Now although I am nearing the end of my thoroughly fulfilling vacation in Thailand, I have lots to say about this past week. It has been both very relaxing and exhausting filled with many, many fun activities of which I will write about promptly. On another note, believe it or not, I think I have had my fill of Thai food. I cannot wait to return to the abundance of variety/diversity of food in America and continue on in my ability to YELP. It would be absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to Yelp in Thailand, even down to the city or town – there are just too many small stalls and carts and random side streets to get around. I will miss the $2 lunches though…

Anyway, here are this past week’s adventures in a nutshell:

3 Day Trip to Koh Samet [Samet Island]
The one thing I love about Thailand, besides the food, is the beaches and the fact that one could drive just 2 hours from Bangkok to reach beautiful, clear blue waters and white sandy beaches. Koh Samet is just the place to visit if you cannot afford nor have the time to go to Phuket in the south. Plus, it has that extra umph that only a non-fully developed / non-terribly commercialized beach has – au natural. On Day 2 we took a day long tour for 600 Baht/person on a speed boat to various spots around the island where we could relax, eat a prepared lunch, and snorkel. We also got to see a fish/turtle farm where I got to feed random sharks some freshly dead fish. All well worth the 20 bucks. What I do not like about the beaches here though, are the ants that like to roam in the sand and crawl on you while you try to sun bathe – tolerable, but strongly disliked.

The day after we got back from the beach we drove to Thailand’s oldest city, Ayutthaya. Here we walked around the old royal palace, rode some elephants, and visited a couple of the plethora of temple ruins (destroyed several hundred years ago in a war against Burma). They were absolutely beautiful; I only wish I could imagine what it was like before they were burned to the crisp. You can see that many of the statues had their heads and arms cut off too – so sad.

Today I’m going into the city again to see one of the bigger/more popular temples in Bangkok and shop some more. This weekend will be much less eventful than this past so this is my last entry in Thailand. See you all back at home! You can be sure to expect a major FB update.


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